Monday, October 5, 2009

I haven't forgotten, I promise!

It's been a crazy busy week and weekend, and I needed to work on something smaller for a bit to let my mind rest.  I'm still toying with ideas for what to do about the big open spaces that aren't quilted yet, and I need to do the binding...other than that, this thing is done!

I've been working on Grammom's bag.  It's been a fun project, and I think I might keep doing small stuff like that in my spare time.  I really need to finish the quilt and then focus on school though...maybe not in that order lol. 

Anyways, I haven't quit yet, and there will be more pictures when more are ready.  You're coming to visit in a month or so, so I'm kind of hoping to have it done by then so it's easy to hide.  :-P

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