Tuesday, December 1, 2009

23 days!!!!

That's three weeks from Friday!!!! 

I've been telling everyone how I feel SO bad because I know I've told you about everyone else's Christmas gifts, but I haven't even *hinted* at yours...I really hope that by now you feel better about that.  I hope you're not hurt even right now (Dec. 1, 2009), but I know there have been some lingering pauses in conversations that have made me cringe and slap my hand over my mouth.  You know me well enough to know that, if I went even one step down that path ("don't worry, your gift is way better") that I'd end up spoiling the whole thing entirely.  But believe me...half the gift is the fact that I'm pretty sure you have *no* idea what's coming! 

I've already got the whole gift-giving thing planned out, too...I'm going to take close-up pictures of everyday objects around your house (Jesse's nose might be one of them, hehe) and use those as "clues" for a scavenger hunt to lead you to the guest room, where the quilt will be laid out on the bed. 

I'm also not letting that quilt out of my sight...as in, it's coming with me on the plane.  It's simply not worth the risk to me, lol.  I'll sleep in the airport without a toothbrush before I'll let that thing out of my sight. 

Man, I can't wait!!!

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