Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick Update While I'm Waiting for a Towel...

I'm still in NZ, but didn't bring a towel with me...there's no point in buying one since I'll only need one (maybe two) more showers until I go home, so I need to borrow one...but the front desk doesn't open til 9.  It's still 830.  Quel fromage.  For now, you get an update of projects completed before I left the northern hemisphere:

The SAPD I Spy donation quilt, paired with Levi's baby blanket (the SAPD one was donated in Levi's name per my new year's resolution to donate one quilt for every quilt I make for a friend or family far I'm up one on the donation front, we'll see how long that lasts):

Here are the two donation quilts I sent to SAPD:

The pink one is just fleece squares sewn together and cut rag-style, then bound with pink stuff I used on Mom's quilt.That's the "I'm one-up so far" quilt...that one is in Arman's name, who's Zain's kid, who's requesting my first commissioned quilt.  :-) 

There's a fabric store here (Dunedin), so of course I picked up a couple more fat quarters.  Not as interesting as the other ones, but still local and pretty.  Today, I'm off to explore the outer edges of the city, including Baldwin Street (the steepest street in the world) and the Botanical Gardens.  I'm excited.  :-)

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