Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Southwestern Strings

I finally got all the blocks for Alishia's string quilt done.  Gotta say...strings might not be my favorite kind of quilt.  Man they take a long time.

I tried a few layouts and sent her pictures, and in the end she picked small diamonds.  Here were the options:
The Big X.
The Big Diamond.
The Little Diamonds.

Maybe I'll call this Alishia's Stringy Diamonds.  Or maybe something less stupid.  In any case, that's what I'm working on tonight.

I also got 3 more QFK kits in the mail.  Pictures to come.

**** Quick Update ****

Here's the top as of the end of the night.  The middle is all sewn together, but the borders aren't on yet. I am LOVING how the border fabric ties everything in so nicely.  Click for a bigger's teal flowers on a brown background.  I couldn't have designed a better fabric!

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