Friday, March 26, 2010

Success and Failure

That's my quilt!!  That teeny tiny little thing is completely SWAMPED by it, but that's the quilt I made for him!  It says his name on it!  That's Levi!  She really did bring it with her to the hospital!  I'm so flattered!!

And then there was this:

Yikes.  It looks like something a kindergärtner would laugh at.  Miserable.  That's my first attempt at an Ohio Star, and my first time using a real Jelly Roll.  This is Martinique from Moda.  Might be 3 sisters, I can't remember.  This is supposed to be for the new's kind of a miserable train wreck though.

It looked so pretty on the floor...what the heck happened???  I guess if it looks good on the floor, something's amiss.  I need to work my measurements backwards from the jelly roll.  That's probably what I'll be doing tomorrow since it's my last day at TMW and I have literally nothing to do except turn my fob in.

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