Saturday, November 21, 2009

33 days left...

I'm waiting for the iron to heat up so I can make a label for your quilt.  I'm using leftovers of the pink lining, with green thread to make a "Made especially for you by Kathryn LeBlanc" label for your quilt.  I feel like, given how many of your quilts had that (with your name, obviously) on it, it's only fitting that the one made *for* you should as well.  :-) 

I got a thank you note from you for the pj pants.  You told me I should keep a photo album of gifts I've made for people...little do you know.  :-)  It'd be cool to have physical pictures all in one place though.  I think I'm going to keep this blog going though, so I can keep notes on ideas and what worked and what didn't too.  Maybe after I give you the quilt, I'll even let you be a writer on here so you can contribute too if you want.  :-) 

Iron's ready.  I'll post pictures. 

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