Sunday, September 13, 2009

The end of chaos

It's done!  The complicated (visually) part is done!  It's after 3 am, so I'm trying to remind myself that this'll look better when I've slept on it...some of the vertices are disasters, and it took a lot more ripping/resewing of some seams than I wanted, but here it is!

The middle two fingers look better than I thought they would (yay!), and working from the center out wasn't as bad as I anticipated...thank God for that.  I need to reiron the back so it lies flatter, then I can start on the borders.  That'll probably be sometime this week though, because tomorrow I need to get some homework done.  
At some point I need to make the ladybug buttons too...that'll be an adventure I'm sure.  :-)  
It's bedtime...long past it.  I'm so excited to show this to you though...I wish I could send you this picture right now.  Oh well...only a couple more months.  Gnight!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Hi Kat,
It's looking GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I love your choice of colors/patterns. It sets the hand off beautifully. I think having some pink in boarder/binding would bring out the heart nicely, too. Wow!!