Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Update

The more I looked at the rose fabric, the less I liked didn't seem...whimsical?  enough somehow.  So I found some fun stuff that's a light blue background with ladybugs and little flowers on it instead.  I also picked up some pink stuff for the edging and (drumroll please) I committed to a batting!  It's the queen-size polyester low-loft (1/4 inch I think?) stuff that's Joann's preferred brand.  I also snuck a peak at some "how to quilt big projects" books and picked up some basting pins (now I get it!).  I might even try doing some of the "stitching in the ditch" (I think that means sewing right along the seams...right?) by machine.  Thinking about stitching around the edges of the hand and fingers so it shows up on the back of the quilt too. 

That said, this week is going to be a crazy week.  It's college application time, so I'm going to be helping Mai with hers for the next few Tuesday/Thursdays.  Monday/Wednesday are class nights, Friday is date/relax night, and Saturday we're heading up to VT for James' birthday.  If I get time to put the border strips on, I'll be happy.  If not, there's always next week sometime. 

Also, I started scheming about what to do for other people for Christmas, once I've got your project tamed.  I'm thinking about making a yarn bag for grammom...wish I could get your help on this one too, but I'm not sure I can ask you about it without either a) giving away your gift or b) making you think I'm NOT doing anything that special for you this year. So I think I'm on my own for this too.  I'm going to doodle some ideas later and post them for posterity.  I'm thinking an over-the-shoulder bag with 3 or 4 compartments inside for separate skeins of yarn, with little drawstring closures at the top of each to keep the yarn inside.  There'd be a little skinny pocket on the side for spare needles, and a 4th or 5th inside pocket along the width of the bag to keep her current project in.  That way, she could easily bring a small project with her to doctors appointments, etc.  I think I might be able to use some of the extra batting I'll have to make it more sturdy.  I'm not sure if I can use the same fabric though, since it might not be sturdy enough for everyday use.  Maybe it will, I don't know.  I'm not sure what pattern I'd do on the outside of the bag, but if I could use fabrics from your quilt, that would be good.  Maybe I'll just do hearts in blue, the same pattern that I did your heart in, and then green around the heart?  Or the reverse?  I dunno.  Anyways, new project in the pipeline once this is further done. 

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Kat said... The fabric I got for the backing.