Friday, September 4, 2009

Nightly recap

The evening started out with the intrafinger region filled in nicely.

Suddenly, signs of life!  This is slightly redundant of the last post, just with better resolution.

The difference here, is that right edge is all sewn!  The vertices came out fairly well, and it's really starting to look like a quilt now (or at least a big rectangular thing anyways).  Still haven't done anything about the middle two fingers...didn't get a chance to get stabilizer today.  Maybe tomorrow.  It's a long weekend, so I should have some time to get some more done before going back to work on Tuesday. 

I'm pretty excited at how it's coming together!  All this stuff looked semi-ok in my head, but I really like how it looks in real life.  I'm really enjoying mixing up the fabrics and playing with lights/darks to keep things interesting.  Maybe someday I'll settle down and make a quilt with only a few fabrics...for now, I'll keep Pollacking it!  :0D

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