Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wrapping up the 1 am

Here's the latest drawing for the fill/edges.  Ignore the middle, it was just to use colors.

Starting on the fill.  Got the pinky and middle two fingers sewn to the heart and the green.  The big triangle gave me some serious issues, but I got it eventually.  It ain't pretty (see previous post), but it works.  Better than the previous post, promise.  Marginally.
Testing out the embroidery pattern and color.  I need some stabilizer before I can do it on the actual quilt.  

This one's from yesterday...the official first green piece.  Grisgris was enthralled too.

As always, he's helpful.

I like how this is coming out.  It's sort of like a Monet gotta kind of squint your eyes to see the pattern, but it's there.  :-P  If I get to name this quilting movement, it's going to be called Impressionist Quilting.

I picked up a template today to do some embroidering on the edging.  I'm not sure if I'll have time to get to that, but I figured I'd give myself the option if I wanted to.  It's just hearts...nothing fancy, but it's pretty anyways.

Class starts tomorrow, so a) I should get to bed and b) I might be less consistent with working on this.

Love you lots!  Can't wait til Christmas!!!

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