Monday, September 7, 2009


Joann is a dangerous place.  This is my array of greens...just the greens.  Every time I go into that store (one of the three between work, home, and Nick's), I end up "accidentally" wandering into the fat quarters section.  I'm a big fan.  I like being able to have so many different patterns in the same quilt. 

Moving on.

Here's today's layout.  Grisgris is deeply enthralled.

Same layout, different angle.  

Tada!  The thumb isn't attached, and the greens are in 3 major chunks right now, but here's the gist of it!  The stuff on the right is the fabric I got to do the borders.  It's going to be 2 inches of the light blue, 8 inches of the green, and 4 inches of the darker blue.  Haven't figured out what to do for the edging or the backing yet.  Ideas?  :-P  

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